Social Spirits is a Digital Advertising Agency for the wine & spirits industry. Social Spirits creates premium promotional content with a local focus for a network of exclusive wine & spirits retailers, restaurants, suppliers and distributors in the Tri-State. The company produces digital content affording the “Red Carpet” treatment to local markets. And assists in increasing foot traffic on-line and at the retailers and restaurants, while also enhancing the sales channel for specific wine & spirits brands.

Content options include:

  • Digital Articles
  • Digital Ads
  • Digital Menus
  • Digital Recipes (“Red Carpet Drink” Recipes)
  • Digital Distribution via social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Pinterest and email distribution.

Deliverables included are:

  • Digital Article for the brand generally targeted or for a specific holiday or event. Pictures, logos included. A calendar of events can be furnished.
  • An interview with the Brand Manager, Brand Spokesperson, Store Owner, Food & Beverage Manager or Chef.
  • Red Carpet Drinks Recipe (optional).
  • Link provided for email blast, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest & Linked In postings.
  • For Retailers & Restaurants:  Will feature Custom Profiles such as: “At the Store With, “In the Kitchen With” or “At the Bar With”.

Social Spirits engagements include:

  • Strategic advice on social media initiatives and their relationship to traditional sales and marketing programs.
  • Implementing branding strategies through the creation of online advertorial pieces that are distributed through various on line channels for increasing visibility through virtual as well as physical foot traffic.
  • Operational support of social media activities through priority setting, content creation, and sales support with restaurant/retail, distributor, and supplier participants.
  •  Business development for social media companies and industry participants including joint venture and sponsorship opportunities.
  • Assistance in fund-raising and introductions to capital sources for all stages of development.